Corpse of Anna Fritz, The (2016)

corpseof annafritz new 200x300 - Corpse of Anna Fritz, The (2016)Starring Alba Ribas, Cristian Valencia, Albert Carbó

Directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens

Necrophilia: when one gets that uncontrollable urge to crack open a cold one. Now that the tasteless jokes are out of the way, let’s get to the inner meat of a tasteless film (not that it’s technically a BAD thing). The Corpse of Anna Fritz tells the repulsive tale about a few twisted souls who decide that “sometimes, dead is better” (point to the sky for Fred Gwynne on that one).

The film showcases the end result of a young star cut down by the glitz and glamour and all of the trappings that have been known to drag a shining light to utter darkness. Her name is Anna Fritz (Ribas), and we’re informed that she was found dead at a party earlier in the evening. She’s rolled into the morgue on a gurney and laid out for preparation… and that’s when things get a bit uneasy.

The initial character responsible for her final transport is Pau (Carbó), and he dimwittingly opts to snap a pic of Anna’s lifeless body and send it off to his ultra-slimy pals Ivan and Javi. Soon afterwards the two horned-up frat boys are knocking on the morgue’s doors to get an up-close look at the actress that was. After a short deliberation period, both Pau and Ivan decide that this could be their one and only chance to bed a real-life (or afterlife) celebrity, so they take turns atop cold, inanimate Anna – come on, you KNEW it was coming but didn’t really hope for it to happen, did you?

Even more distressing about the act these two degenerates commit is the fact that Anna springs to life when she’s getting horizontal mambo lessons… odd, to say the least. Now the race is on for the three amigos to not only get their stories straight, but debate whether to shut Anna up, or do away with her, all over again. The infighting commences, and a simplistically messy situation becomes an absolute catastrophe for all involved. Eh, I’m sorry, but we never did find out what killed Anna or how she sprung back to life, did we? Well, don’t get your hopes up because the pertinent info will NOT be provided, which simply adds to the frustration of the film.

Skewed instances aside, The Corpse of Anna Fritz still does manage to offer up some interesting scenarios, yet nothing that will blow you away with shock and awe. Is it deplorable to watch? Not really. Performances were a little all over the place among the three friends, but for a situation that calls for complete disquietude within a small group, I’ll give a positive point for the range of emotions offered up. Overall, the movie isn’t quite as shocking as some of the other stomach-churners that have been on display in the past, but it is a fun ride for its 70+ minute runtime.

Worth a one-timer if you just happen to be sitting alone because this most certainly isn’t first date material.

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User Rating 3.18 (17 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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