Silent Night, Deadly Podcast: Ep18 – AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS (2018)

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You asked for it, Gizmo asked for it, Mother Krampus asked for it, and now Dread Central is proud to present the year-round Christmas horror podcast you’ve long been waiting for…Silent Night, Deadly Podcast! Chris, Kieran, Matt and Rob – collectively known as “The Jingle Boys” – are prepared to take you on one demented journey through a winter wonderland of the best and worst tinsel terror the big (and small) screen has to offer.

It’s an extremely white Christmas this week as The Jingle Boys spend the holiday with a xenophobic British family that gets “tricked” into taking orders from their dumb television set. On this episode we breakdown Await Further Instructions, a 2018 film that much like IKEA furniture doesn’t quite fit together because there’s just too many pieces.

What will our holiday heroes make of this film that might be about humanity’s addiction to technology, but also could be about Jesus or maybe it’s about the government’s role as Big Brother? All options are on the table! Will The Jingle Boys come to a Christmas consensus? Will they fight? Will they finally kiss?! All this and more on this week’s episode of Silent Night, Deadly Podcast!

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