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Horrible Imaginings Podcast #181: Halloween Watchlists to Make You Shudder!

We are less than a week from Halloween, the best year of the night for us horror fans, and if you are anything like me you are planning on filling your days with even more horror films than usual in celebration. With all of the new and unprecedented access to more film titles than ever before, we can spend just as much (or more) time combing through lists and trying to make decisions than we do actually watching our favorite movies. That’s why it can be a lot of help to have some solid curators around.

In this episode I recruited two of the best curators around. The horror streaming service Shudder is the Halloween destination for all things horror, thriller and suspense. They distinguish themselves from other streaming services with a keen attention to film selection, categorization, and, of course, curation. Colin Geddes and Sam Zimmerman are very passionate about that curation job they do for Shudder, and I am happy to have them on this episode.

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There was only one true mission here: we each created our own lists of films that we think are great for Halloween. I asked them for titles and to explain why they would fit specifically for this season, when we all know we watch horror year round. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pen and paper out to copy down these lists, prepare your nights for popcorn and frights, and (if you haven’t already) subscribe to Shudder for some of the best horror around!

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ABOUT SHUDDER: AMC Network’s Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving fans of all degrees with thrillers, suspense, and horror. Home to the largest and fastest-growing human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling and provocative international and independent films, TV series, and originals, there’s always something new and unexpected for Shudder members to explore. Shudder’s expanding library is available in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland on the web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, and Roku for $4.99/month or $49.99 with an annual membership. Join the Shudder community experience commitment-free for 7 days,

Twitter @shudder | Facebook @Shudder | Instagram @Shudder | YouTube @Shudder

  • Shudder offers a wide variety of high-quality films and series that span all decades and sub genres of thrillers, suspense, and horror, featuring fan favorites, classics and brand new original and exclusive content.
  • Shudder currently features several hundred titles for members to enjoy. More importantly, there are new film and TV series being added on a regular basis every week with Shudder’s commitment to provide an authentic member- centric streaming video experience.
  • Shudder engages a diverse and thriving community of genre fans by delivering an extensive library of films that span across all categories of horror, thriller and suspense as we continue our aim to be irreverent and provocative. For example, some of our most popular titles include Beyond the WallsPrevenge, Rob Zombie’s 31, and Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories.
  • A large number of the films and series on Shudder are exclusive, and our aim is to increase the amount of content exclusively available on the service.
  • Shudder is currently available in the Canada, the UK and Ireland, in addition to the U.S.

About Shudder Lead Curator Colin Geddes: 

Colin Geddes comes from the film festival world, where he selected cutting-edge films for the Toronto International Film Festival. As a former programmer for TIFF’s Midnight Madness and Vanguard selections, he introduced new talent and hosted the premieres of beloved films including Miike Takashi’s Ichi the Killer; Alex Aja’s High Tension; Jim Mickle’s Stakeland; James Wan’s Insidious; Mike Flanagan’s Oculus; and Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever and Hostel.

About Shudder Curator Sam Zimmerman: 

Sam Zimmerman is a curator of Shudder and represents a well-respected voice in this enthralling community while racking up his impressive knowledge from past work as former web editor at Fangoria and managing editor at the horror site Shock Till You Drop. He’s recognized as an early champion of acclaimed contemporary horror including The Babadook and Kill List. He’ll watch anything with witches.

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Written by Miguel Rodriguez

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