Go Into the Darkness with A.M. Rycroft’s New Horror Fantasy Novel


Unlocking a cursed cavern, a fierce battle for a sword, and a disguised god are just a sample of the horrific and creepy scenes readers can expect in A.M. Rycroft’s debut novel, Into the Darkness, available now from Mighty Quill Books.  Sound up your alley?  Then read on for more details!

Full of robust character development and unexpected twists, Into the Darkness brings to life the journey of Aeryn Ravane, a 23-year-old sell-sword, and a wide range of characters who help or hinder her along the way in this gripping quest to honor the legendary adventurer Tynan Selvantyr.

“No character is one-sided,” says Rycroft. “This novel really builds the world for readers from the ground up so that they will equally be able to enjoy and follow the story.”  Complete with intense gory battles, unnerving creatures, and disguised evil forces, Into the Darkness is sure to be a classic for die-hard fans of fantasy and horror alike.

Long ago, a once-famous adventurer sealed his treasures away in the Black Caverns, cursing them as he died. Aeryn Ravane, a headstrong sell-sword on a mission to honor her late father and complete the quest he never finished, has finally found the key to unlocking the Black Caverns. Unbeknownst to Aeryn, rumor of this find has brought unwanted attention her way, including that of a young thief seeking to buy her brother’s freedom. When their paths cross at the Black Caverns, they soon discover the dark secret the caverns hold within them, and nothing is as it seems.

Faced with an ancient evil bent upon resurrecting a long-forgotten time of darkness and suffering, both sell-sword and thief must face down their fears and work together to push back the darkness once again. The fate of all rests in their hands…

into the darkness - Go Into the Darkness with A.M. Rycroft's New Horror Fantasy Novel

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