Wanna Spend Halloween 2016 in Frankenstein Castle? Book Your Tickets NOW!


Each Halloween horror fans actively seek out some of the coolest things they could possibly do, but this? This may just take the cake! Read on to learn more about this upcoming evil excursion to Frankenstein Castle via GHOSTour‘s Tours of Terror.

From the Press Release:
For the first time in haunted tour planning, a tour group will spend their Halloween night in Frankenstein Castle. The same organizers who present “Dracula Tour,” which hosts travelers inside Transylvania’s Dracula’s Castle every year, have officially announced that the 2016 “GHOSTour” theme travel adventure taking place October 25-November 1, 2016, will find guests celebrating Halloween night inside Frankenstein Castle in Germany.

“GHOSTour” takes travelers to supernatural cities with histories rich in magic, murder, and the mysterious, and Frankenstein Castle is just one of the amazing places to be visited in Germany. The tour also goes to the mystical walled city of Rothenburg, a preserved medieval town not unlike Vlad’s birthplace, Sighisoara. It is home to the Medieval Crime Museum, filled with diabolical instruments of pain, punishment and torture, and also the Doll and Toy Museum with two floors of historic playthings (and if you saw the film Annabelle, you can guess how creepy this place could be). The visit to Rothenberg will feature both the “Night Watchman” tour and the “Executioner Tour,” and a journey to Heidelburg will include Heidelburg Castle, Funicular Railway, and Witches Tower.

This theme tour splits the week in both Germany and the Czech Republic with many of the highlights taking place in Prague.

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En route between Germany and Prague, travelers will also get to see possibly the scariest place on Earth – Houska Castle. Whereas castles have always been built in strategic places, this one was built in the middle of nowhere. Hidden in the forests in Northern Czech, this fortress was not built to repel attacks or keep invaders out; it was built to keep something in! It was erected to close the gateway to hell. It was built upon a fabled bottomless pit to lock out (or in) winged creatures and demonic beasts from entering our world. Before sealing off Hell’s realm, Bohemian rulers granted prisoners pardons if they agreed to be lowered by rope into the hole. The first few prisoners let out deathly howls. One was pulled up, and he appeared to have aged 30 years instantly. He died a few days later.

The Nazis took over this same Castle to conduct experiments and dabble in the occult. Years later, German Gestapo officers’ remains were found after they were assassinated execution-style. But by whom? The recurring ghosts at Houska are plentiful, including a headless black horse, giant human/frog/bulldog, and a woman in an old dress who is frequently seen peeking out of top floor windows. Beneath the cellar there is said to be non-human remains of beasts that emerged from the hole. The “GHOSTour” guests will be going inside for a guided tour.

Not far from Houska Castle is the rock formation with the secret rooms. Translated as “The Hills Have Eyes” to local villagers, these unique giant boulders were reported to have naturally-formed “rooms” which may have been small homes for the criminally insane.

Prague is considered the most haunted city in central Europe, where ghost-hunters, paranormal investigators, and monster mavens continue to visit and explore. For many years Prague has been a magnet for students of the occult and in the 16th and 17th centuries was a meeting point for alchemists and astrologers. The architecture of Prague is covered in esoteric symbols which can reveal many secrets to those who know how to read them. With an array of twisting cobblestones and large lamps, the Czech streets are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts.

Travelers will experience everything Prague has to offer including the ancient Castles, the haunted neighborhoods and dark alleyways of the Old Town, the Underground City, the Astronomical Clock, the Alchemy Museum, the Old Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, and the Golem-Monster to name a few.

Charles Bridge, originally the Old Town’s execution area, was the home of a beheading of 10 local lords, whose heads were stuck on poles for years until their flesh completely rotted away and their skulls picked clean by birds. Legend has it that the 10 lords can be heard at night bellowing sad songs in the dark. A water goblin is said to dwell beneath the Charles Bridge, devouring the souls of those who drown or fall from the bridge.

The Alchemy Museum replicates a 16th century alchemy study above ground with several labs below. These underground sections were unearthed over the last century and were painstakingly uncovered and preserved, revealing that the chambers were indeed used for the alchemical arts and the occult.

In additional to Prague, “GHOSTour 2016” will also be venturing into the darkest regions of other parts of the Czech Republic including the Klatovy Catacombs, Svihov Castle, and Zvikov Castle.

Also part of the itinerary is the famed “Church of Bones,” Sedlec Ossuary, the small Roman Catholic chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutna Hora. It contains skeletons of over 40,000 people, whose bones have been artistically rearranged to form decorations, furnishings, and even chandeliers for the chapel.

Combine all this with independent late-night séances, visits to graveyards, on-board classic ghost and genre films, time allotted for shopping, a mad monster-mash masquerade ball/farewell party, and other surprises, and travelers will enjoy one of the most memorable macabre tours in haunted history.

The trip is a deluxe travel packages valued at $5,999 per person for only $2,599 per person based on double occupancy including round-trip airfare, transfers, luxury coach transportation, all hotel/castle accommodations, all attractions, admissions, events, parties, special guests, and entertainment. The tour flies out of a New York Metro airport, where people from all over the world meet as a group to travel together to Europe. Land-only packages (no airfare) are only $2,199 pp/do. There are optional single room supplements and group rates available upon request.

“GHOSTour 2016” to Prague and Frankenstein Castle is presented by Tours of Terror, who produce the “Dracula Tour to Transylvania” and have organized similar theme tours to England, Scotland, and Ireland in the past. The week-long travel adventure is guided by “Cryptmaster Chucky” (actor/horror host Charles F. Rosenay!!!).

For further information, email ToursofTerror@aol.com, phone (203) 795-4737, or visit GHOSTour, where travelers’ reports of past tours can also be found.

Other upcoming Tours of Terror include the Summer Vampire Vacation July 13-20, 2015, the 2015 Halloween Dracula Tour October 27-November 3, 2015, and GHOSTour to England May, 2016.

As the tour-organizers promise, “You’ll have the time of your life … even if you’re part of the undead!”

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