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Tragedy and ghosts. The human mind seems incapable of disassociating the two. Despite the death and atrocities that surround us every day, we instinctively connect sites of sadness and horror with visitations by spirits of the dead. Virtually every type of ghost lore involves the spirits of those who died suddenly, violently, or with great sadness. It’s the human way to cope with such loss, both to associate evil with such events and to suggest those lost live on and might visit the site of their demise.

That said, we’re sometimes faced with something that seems to go beyond simple psychology. Such is the case with a new book about the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island. This unfortunately-named dump is the location where most of the rubble from the 9/11 tragedy was placed. Crews of workers sifted through the rubble looking for remains. As it stands, they found or helped identify 1,600 people lost in the attack, but the remains of 1,000 are still missing.

The New York Post tells us the tale of an author and witness to the unexplained.

While interviewing those who worked at the landfill in the aftermath of the attack for his book From Landfill to Hallowed Ground, retired NYPD Lt. Frank Marra had memories awakened and confirmed by those he spoke with. Memories of shadows, “black masses,” and specifically an African-American woman in old-fashioned clothing, offering aid to those sifting through the rubble.

From Landfill to Hallowed Ground - Book Claims 9/11 Landfill Haunted By Aid Worker - The Gasp Menagerie

Said to be dressed like a WWII-era Red Cross worker, this woman was seen offering sandwiches and coffee to workers… before disappearing entirely.

Marra remembers seeing her from a distance, as do other workers and policemen who were at the landfill during those painful days. Nobody can remember interacting with her, and nobody can identify her.

Stories of ghostly aid workers can be found throughout history. Nurses, Red Cross workers, medics in times of war, even doctors have been seen and interacted with in times of great tragedy or need. This is the most recent tale of the phenomenon, but the tradition goes back centuries.

Did these officers really see this woman? If she was real, who was she, and why was she dressed the way she was? How did she gain access to such a restricted area in a time of heavy security? If ethereal in nature, who was she and what was her goal? Do phantom helpers appear in times of war and death to aid a rare few? Share your thoughts below!

gasp menagerie - Book Claims 9/11 Landfill Haunted By Aid Worker - The Gasp Menagerie

Written by Mr. Dark

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