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Details on Hayter’s Werewolf Chronicles



Werwolf Chronicles detailsX-Men penner David Hayter has a new project in the works that he’ll be directing for Crystal Sky Films called The Werewolf Chronicles. Today was the first I’d heard of it, which is weird since I have a supernatural sense of smell for lycanthrope films.

Bloody Disgusting got its hands on some early sales art (which refers to the film as simply Werewolf) as well as a very detailed synopsis for the movie. Essentially, the film starts off with a 17-year-old kid who finds out during a heavy makeout session with the girl of his dreams that, when he loses control, he literally does become an animal.

The next day he awakens at home to find his entire family slaughtered and immediately goes on the run, off to his birthplace of Lupine Ridge. Subtle. He shacks up with a kindly farmer who is nightly besieged by wild animals from the hills and soon realizes he can use his newfound curse for good by helping the old man out.

Not for nothing, but it just sounds like an extended episode of “Werewolf: The Series” to me. Hopefully the execution will give it some oomph, though. And hell, as long as they pull off a good transformation, I’ll forgive them almost any questionable plot issues.

Keep it here for more on The Werewolf Chronicles, or Werewolf if that’s what they go with, as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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