Berdejo Talks New Daughter


newdaughterpic2 - Berdejo Talks New DaughterI don’t know what it is, but for some reason the more I hear about Luis Berdejo’s “>The New Daughter, the more anxious I am to see it. Normally a supernatural movie with Kevin Coster would do nothing for me at all, but this one just keeps showing promise.

The boys at Twitch Film cornered director Berdejo at AFM and threw some questions his way about the film, which is not only the director’s feature length debut, but the first film he’s directed in English as well. ”Everyone in Gold Circle was really helpful,” he explained when asked about the language barrier. ”I used to bring a small electronic translator with me to every meeting… Until I found out that they knew that I didn’t speak English very good when they hired me, so it wasn´t my fault!!”

His thoughts on going from short film work to feature help my anticipation level for New Daughter quite a bit also. ”I just know one way to make the things, which is serve the story, and that’s what I brought to this movie,” Berdejo continued. ”It doesn’t matter if the length is going to be 11 or 99 minutes, I had to tell a story and that’s the only thing that I had to respect. The New Daughter is just my longer short film.”

The New Daughter is set for release on March 5th, 2009, so hopefully we’ll start hearing more about it soon. Be sure to hit the Twitch link above for the full interview!

Johnny Butane

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