Surveillance Camera Introduces You to the Alleged Disneyland Ghost

If George A. Romero taught us anything about death, it’s that we return to the places we frequented in life after we cross over – whether we become zombies or ghosts. It only makes sense, armed with this information, that a place like Disneyland would be LOADED with some serious paranormal activity, doesn’t it?

Indeed, a video has just surfaced which seems to confirm that the happiest place on Earth is perhaps also the most haunted place on Earth. The surveillance footage was originally filmed back in 2009 but is only now hitting the net, and it’s a fairly convincing peek into the other side.

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In the video a ghostly figure appears to (literally) walk through the gates of Disneyland, after hours, and then proceeds to hang out inside the park. An escaped spirit from the Haunted Mansion, perhaps? Or a lost soul simply wandering back to one of his favorite places to visit as a living human?

We’ll let you decide the answer to that question. Watch the chilling video below!

Written by John Squires

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