Paranormal Experts Team Up for The Zozo Phenomenon

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Paranormal experts Darren Evans and Rosemary Ellen Guiley have teamed up to collaborate on the first and definitive book about the most terrifying supernatural phenomenon: Zozo, a powerful demonic entity that has plagued and attacked thousands of people around the world.

Intrigued?  Then read on for the full details!

The Zozo Phenomenon, to be published by Visionary Living, Inc. (Guiley’s independent publishing house), will document and examine the dark history and vicious attacks of this entity and describe how victims have had their lives turned into nightmares.

Darren Evans, a paranormal researcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a first-hand experiencer who has spent years battling the attacks of Zozo on himself and his family. Evans’ own nightmare began innocently in 1984, when he and his friends found a strange homemade, Ouija-style talking board and used it for entertainment. The being who answered them was Zozo, who engaged in jolly humor and then attached itself to Evans, which enabled it to unleash ferocious attacks upon Evans’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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Evans discovered that he was not alone. Zozo has victims spread all over the planet, operating under a host of aliases. Desperate to be free of the demon’s grasp and intrigued by its reach, Evans began collecting personal stories and documenting Zozo’s demonic trail.

Zozo favors Ouija and talking boards as an entry point to victims but is capable of lashing out in many ways. One of the entity’s most frightening tactics is its use of the internet to reach victims.

“I’m very excited to join forces with Rosemary on what is sure to be a fascinating look at a controversial phenomenon that continues to affect a lot of people worldwide,” said Evans. “I’ve had plans for about ten years to write a book about my experiences. After receiving hundreds of emails from people who have had run-ins with this Zozo entity on Ouija boards, I’m glad I waited. There is some disturbing new research I have found, and Rosemary and I plan to reveal it in this project along with some creepy stories sent in from people all over the world.”

Rosemary Ellen Guiley became acquainted with Evans while researching a book on the Ouija board, Ouija Gone Wild, co-authored with Rick Fisher. Guiley, a leading expert in the paranormal field, has authored more than 60 books, including The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology. She has conducted extensive research and investigation of negative hauntings and entity attachments.

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“Darren Evans has an important personal story to share, and he has collected an amazing database on Zozo,” Guiley said. “Our book will educate people about some of the dangers that exist in the spirit world. We want to help others avoid and solve problems with attacks and attachments.”

The Zozo Phenomenon will explore the nature of evil, the rise and spread of Zozo, how Zozo might select victims, solutions and remedies for attacks, and surprising facts and theories about Zozo’s secret tactics.

Below is the teaser artwork.  No publication date has been set so stay tuned.

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