TV One’s Fright Night Files Renamed Fear Files and Given a Sequel


tvone - TV One's Fright Night Files Renamed Fear Files and Given a SequelDuring the 2014 Halloween season, TV One treated viewers to Fright Night Files, an anthology of three short films of deadly romance; and now they’ve renamed the format Fear Files and given it a sequel, premiering next month.

From the Press Release:
Robin Givens, Columbus Short, and Lynn Whitfield headline TV One’s next installment of its horror anthology Fear Files (formerly Fright Night Files) with three new terrifying tales of love, revenge, and murder on Friday, March 13, at 8PM ET.

The new trilogy picks up where the first airing left off by revisiting ‘For the Love of Lockwood’ with its sequel, ‘For the Love of Lockwood Too,’ and introducing two new stories: ‘Mama’s Boy’ and ‘Fire.’

Shot on location in Atlanta, Fear Files represents the second project executive produced by Radio One Founder and Chairperson Cathy Hughes and Executive Vice President of Special Projects Susan Banks. The duo once again joined forces with award-winning writer, director, and producer Russ Parr of Up to Parr Productions.

“Buoyed by the positive viewer and social media response to the inaugural airing, we are pleased to be able to deliver another installment of this compelling and entertaining series,” remarked Ms. Hughes. “Delving deeper into the horror genre helps fulfill TV One’s mission of super-serving the Black audience with a wide variety of programming genres reflecting the diversity of content Black viewers want to see.”

Fear Files’ stellar ensemble includes: Robin Givens (“Head of the Class”), Columbus Short (“Scandal”), Nadine Ellis (“Let’s Stay Together”), Eva Marcille (“The Young and the Restless”), Lynn Whitfield (“How to Get Away with Murder”), Clifton Powell (Ray), Sean Blakemore (“General Hospital”), Erica Hubbard (“Let’s Stay Together”), Mel Jackson (Soul Food), and Mishon Ratliff (“Lincoln Heights”).

Russ Parr directed and executive produced ‘Fire’ and ‘Mama’s Boy,’ and Mark Freiburger served as director on ‘For the Love of Lockwood Too.’ Eric Tomosunas, Keith Neal, and David Eubanks served as producers on the films. Craig Henry was Executive Producer in Charge of Production for TV One, and D’Angela Proctor is the Executive Producer for the network.

The March 13th trilogy event will feature the following stories (Photo Credit: Jenni Girtman/Atlanta Events).  For more info visit the TV One website, “like” TV One on Facebook, and follow TV One on Twitter.

For the Love of Lockwood Too
Starring Nadine Ellis, Sean Blakemore, Eva Marcille, and Lynn Whitfield
Lockwood Masters (Blakemore) is back and has another victim in his sights: the beautiful Bianca Wayne (Ellis). After a love potion overdose from Madam Mabry (Whitfield), Lockwood cannot help but devour the women he falls in love with. When Lockwood’s first wife and victim, Marla Peters (Marcille), makes a ghostly appearance, Lockwood is trapped between delusions and reality. Meanwhile, Bianca is battling her heart’s desire to fall for this charming man, and much like Marla, she too questions how far she’d go for the love of Lockwood.

Mama’s Boy
Starring Robin Givens, Clifton Powell, Mishon Ratliff, and Malachi Malik
Elaine Channing (Givens) is a loving mother with a terrifying secret. All of the men she becomes involved with are met with a tragic end. Desperately, she fears her son is murdering her lovers. In a bizarre twist, Elaine must decide how far she will go to protect her son.

Starring Columbus Short, Mel Jackson, and Erica Hubbard
When City Councilman Harvey Jordan (Short) unveils a plan to build a football stadium in a low income neighborhood, friction erupts within the community. After a lethal fire removes the last resident blocking his project, many begin to question if this death was in fact an accident, or has the Councilman’s ambition led to murder. The truth begins to haunt him as a determined reporter, Kelisia Waters (Hubbard) will stop at nothing to get answers she desires.

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