The Gasp Menagerie: Video Shows Woman Attacked by Invisible Assailant

The Internet produces a lot of junk evidence. Trust me; I spend hours and hours scouring the stuff, both as my hobby and to bring spooky tales to you creeps. From blobsquatch to camera cords to dusty “orbs” to outright fakery, there’s just a ton of crap out there pretending to show true unexplained activity.

When I run across something like this one, it just makes my twisted, black heart all giddy.

From South America, courtesy of Yahoo UK, we have the tale of Cecilia Carrasco. Cecilia was walking past the reception desk at her lawyer’s office in Santiago, Chile, when… well, watch the video.

Now, you can say she slipped, but I’ve never seen a slip where the upper half leads with such force. We also have testimony from those involved who say there was nothing slippery there. She’s also standing still when it happens, feet firmly in place for at least a couple seconds. She goes down, and she goes down hard, and it’s clear there’s nobody there.

What’s more, Cecilia says she clearly felt two hands push her down. She assumed the attacker ran away, but after seeing the video, it became clear there was no attacker. None visible, anyway.

So what was it? Invisible man? A ghost or spirit? Telekinetic force? A fraud? Chime in below!

gasp menagerie - The Gasp Menagerie: Video Shows Woman Attacked by Invisible Assailant

Written by Mr. Dark


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