Exclusive David Scott talks Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer [Audio]


Next Tuesday, October 7th, will finally see the release of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer on DVD, and while the stars of the film are cool to talk to, I’m pretty sure the one guy you’re going to want to hear from after you’ve seen it is the man who makes the monsters, David Scott.

Luckily for you, then, I was able to chat up Mr. Scott recently to discuss his frankly amazing prosthetic work in the film. Not a single monster effect in this movie was done with CG. It was all real, on-screen effects, and it makes the movie that much cooler, one that will make horror fans smile for years to come.

You know how this all works; get clicking on the links below to listen to my interview with David Scott! When you’re done, head over to Dread TV to see our on-camera interview with the Jack Brooks cast and crew from Comic Con!



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