The Devil’s Muse Double-Disc Details

devilsmuse - The Devil's Muse Double-Disc DetailsOne new movie I haven’t heard much about until now is Ramzi Abed’s The Devil’s Muse, but that’s all about to change. On September 30th Halo-8 Entertainment is releasing a deluxe two-disc set of the film. It’ll be packed with goodies including a full-length soundtrack CD composed by David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) and Ego Plum (Nicktoons’ Making Fiends).

So, what’s The Devil’s Muse about? Halo-8 provided this summary:

When beautiful young actress Lisa Small (Kristen Kerr of David Lynch’s Inland Empire) is cast as the tragic victim known as The Black Dahlia in a film about Hollywood’s most famous unsolved murder, an entire dreamworld awakens around her. Meanwhile, a local sociopath has set out on a copycat murder spree timed out with the 60th anniversary of the original killing. A spider’s web grows around Lisa as her nightmares and desires intersect with the death toll rising around her. She delves deeper into the film script while the killer sets his target on her. Ultimately, she must live out the last days of The Black Dahlia.

Along with Kerr, the film’s eclectic cast includes Gidget Gein, Mark Borchardt, Abby Travis, Cinque Lee, Dame Darcy, Masuimi Max, Julie Strain, and Lloyd Kaufman. The Director of Photography was the late Neal Fredericks (The Blair Witch Project), and the film is dedicated to his memory.

As for the DVD set, it’s packing!


  • The Devil’s Muse unrated director’s cut
  • David J (& guests) live concert of music from the film
  • “Black Dahlia: The Making of The Devil’s Muse” featurette
  • Interview with Mary Pacios (childhood friend of The Black Dahlia who went on to write a definitive investigative book on the murder)
  • Deleted scenes
  • Music videos
  • “Message from Ramzi Abed” featurette
  • Trailers
  • Easter eggs
  • Musical menus


  • Original motion picture soundtrack of 11 songs composed by David J & Ego Plum with special guests Nora Keyes, Abby Travis, Johnny Dowd, Mr. Uncertain, Creekbird, and Joyce Rooks (Sound Engineer/Co-Producer John Neff on title song)

    devilsmuse1 - The Devil's Muse Double-Disc DetailsWriter/director Abed calls his film “a seriously surreal treat for midnight movie fans“, and according to Matt Pizzolo, President of Halo-8, “Abed’s magnificent film is a testament to the fact that horror can still be adventurous, fresh, and creative. We were incredibly impressed by his unique vision and lushly photographed dementia.

    It certainly sounds intriguing. If you agree, hit up The Devil’s Muse‘s official site, befriend them on MySpace, and click the link below to pre-order your copy today!

    Debi Moore

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