Awaiting Premiere Artwork Takes Aim

Awaiting Premiere

UK filmmaker Mark Murphy has just sent over the official premiere artwork for his second feature, Awaiting, and we’re ready to share! Check it out right here, right now… no waiting!

Awaiting was written and directed by Murphy and, along with Tony Curran and Diana Vickers, stars Rupert Hill, Sophie Lovell Anderson, Peter Woodward, and Charley McDougall.

For more info visit the official Awaiting Facebook page.

Awaiting Premiere - Awaiting Premiere Artwork Takes Aim

About Awaiting
Green Screen Productions, in co-production with Solar Productions, presents Mark Murphy’s second feature, Awaiting, a psychological thriller starring Tony Curran (Underworld: Evolution, Gladiator) and “X Factor” finalist Diana Vickers (Little Voice, Give Out Girls).

Awaiting is an engaging journey of introspection into the depths of human nature and the capabilities of twisted minds. The plot follows Morris (Curran), a recluse with psychotic tendencies, whose life changes when his innocent daughter (Vickers) rescues one of his victims and befriends him. Jake (Hill), an ordinary businessman, soon realizes that he is stranded, and his presence in the house gradually reveals unexpected and dark mysteries from the past.

Murphy previously said of the film, “We have a strong script, a blisteringly talented cast, and a crew at the top of their game. I have no doubt we’re going to deliver a film which will appeal to cinema goers globally.”

awaiting - Awaiting Premiere Artwork Takes Aim
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