*UPDATE!* X-Files 3 Direct to DVD?


xfilespriest - *UPDATE!* X-Files 3 Direct to DVD?**UPDATE: Frank Spotnitz has “debunked” this rumor already in his official blog. All well and fine; just keep in mind these haven’t been the most revealing of creative teams in the history of entertainment…**

In the latest X-Files movie, “>X-Files: I Want to Believe (review), a psychic pedophile priest taught us to “never give up.” Even though we all gave up on it years ago, that hasn’t stopped the creators from developing plans for further Mulder & Scully adventures. In response to our skewering of IWTB, an industry insider contacted us with this bit of info:

“I understand – there was room for improvement … and there still might be. I work for Screaming Death Monkey and Spotnitz – the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz – told us this week that the team have already spoken about the next X-Files film. It’s likely the next release will go direct to DVD – but they’re working on the assumption they’ll have a similar budget.”

This is probably just wishful thinking from Carter & Spotnitz but if IWTB does well on DVD, it could very well become a reality. Looks like Gillian Anderson might have to dust off her phony British accent yet again!

The next movie will most likely focus on the discussed 2012 storyline (with more scenes of Scully blubbering) but unless Glen Morgan & James Wong are involved, count us out. Personally, I hope Fox just waits 10 years and reboots the series with better writers (a la “Battlestar Galactica”) so we can finally have a mythology that goes somewhere.

Andrew Kasch

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