ZombiU 2 Next Year on the Nintendo Wii U?


ZombiU was just one of those games that was sadly dismissed by the video game audience when it launched on the Nintendo Wii U. Truth be told, the Nintendo Wii U was pretty much dismissed as well, but now it’s not only selling well, it’s actually competing with heavyweights like the Xbox One and the PlayStation4 with little to no third party support! Go figure, right?

So does that mean it’s time to infest the streets with the undead again? Wow, we hope so because ZombiU was an absolute blast to play. Jeuxvideo managed to grab a screenshot of ZombiU 2 which was up for pre-order on Amazon France before it was yanked. Translated from the stills, it is stated that the game would take place in New York instead of just churning out a return to the original game setting, which was London.

Do yourselves a favor, kids: If you have recently bought a Wii U to play games like Super Smash Bros. U and of course Mario Kart 8 and you’re a horror fan, grab yourself a copy of ZombiU like immediately! It’s super cheap and worth every cent!

Bonus points if ZombiU 2 developer Namco (previously UbiSoft) has a sense of humor and adds in undead versions of Bono and the gang!

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