Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Christopher Golden’s Alien: River of Pain


Back in January of this year, Titan Books kicked off a new trilogy based on the Alien universe, and yesterday the final installment, Christopher Golden’s Alien: River of Pain, hit bookstores and online outlets. Curious about it? Then check out this exclusive excerpt which Titan sent our way, and if you like what you see, we have links to all three books at the bottom of the page.

The other novels in the series include Out of the Shadows (Alien) by Tim Lebbon and Alien: Sea of Sorrows (Novel #2) by James A. Moore.

CLICK HERE to download our exclusive excerpt of Alien: River of Pain.

Alien: River of Pain (Novel #3) Synopsis:
When Ellen Ripley finally returns to Earth, she learns that the planet LV-426—now called Acheron—has been colonized. But LV-426 is where Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo found the original Xenomorph—the killing machine known as the Alien.

Protected by the Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to terraform the storm-swept planet. Two such residents are Anne and Russell Jorden, seeking a fortune that eluded them on Earth. On Acheron Anne gives birth to the colony’s first newborn: Rebecca Jordan, also known as Newt.

The wildcatters discover a vast, decaying spaceship. The horseshoe-shaped vessel is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani and may be the answer to their dreams. But what Anne and Russ find on board proves to be the stuff not of dreams, but of nightmares.




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