New York’s Chamber of Horrors Presents Christmas-Themed Haunted House

xmas 150x150 - New York's Chamber of Horrors Presents Christmas-Themed Haunted HouseOne of the bummers of the Halloween season ending is that all those fun haunted attractions close up shop for another year, and I oftentimes find myself wondering why they don’t stick around and exploit other holidays for scares. After all, it’s fun being scared all year round, isn’t it?

Indeed it is, and New York-based haunted attraction Chamber of Horrors understands that and is bringing a little Halloween horror to the Christmas season this year, courtesy of a special event dubbed “A Very Scary Xmas.” Taking inspiration from Silent Night, Deadly Night, the holiday haunt will feature a killer Santa Claus, and you’d damn sure better watch out.

The event is taking place in the Long Island, NY, town of Hauppauge, which lucky for me is a stone’s throw away from my house. “A Very Scary Xmas” can be experienced on only four nights throughout December, kicking off on Friday, December 5th, and continuing the 6th, 12th, and 13th.

If you live in the Long Island area, you can find all of the info and purchase tickets over on the Chamber of Horrors website.

Even if you’re not close enough to make it, check out the trailer below, and live vicariously through its glory!

chamber1 - New York's Chamber of Horrors Presents Christmas-Themed Haunted House

Written by John Squires

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