Blood Redd

TomCat Films Sees Blood Redd at AFM 2014

Werewolf movies are enjoying a nice little renaissance lately, and next up to the increasingly furry plate is a little flick called Blood Redd. Read on for the skinny!

From the Press Release
TomCat Films, LLC, is pleased to announce that it has secured international rights to Shockerfest winner, Blood Redd, a werewolf film directed by Bradley A. Palmer.

Taking inspiration from one of the original Red Riding Hood stories, “The Path of Needles or Pins,” Palmer developed the script with guidance from his screenwriting professor and professional screenwriter Edward DiLorenzo.

Palmer is thrilled to be teamed with TomCat on a picture that’s right up the Cat’s alley: “Ted has been great to work with. He understands the needs, fears, and desires of filmmakers and has proven to be a maven in the genre space. We are really excited to have a company like TomCat introduce Blood Redd to the masses.”

“The film is terrific,” states TomCat CEO Ted Chalmers. “Brad has truly delivered with this picture, bringing effective practical effects I’d easily liken to the groundbreaking film American Werewolf in London.”

The film took best effects at NM FrightFest, and its star, Stephanie Huller, won Best Actress for the film at Shockerfest 2013. TomCat will debut the film at this year’s American Film Market in Santa Monica (#AFM2014).

blood red - TomCat Films Sees Blood Redd at AFM 2014