AFM 2014: New State of Desolation Sales Art and Info

State of Desolation

Jim Towns (House of Bad) is back with a new feature entitled State of Desolation, and we have an early look at its AFM sales art and all the details you need. Dig it!

State of Desolation is a provocative combination of intimate character drama set against an apocalyptic backdrop, balancing interesting characters and engaging performances with dynamic action, terrifying scares, and a frightening vision of our world in ruins.

The film teams critically acclaimed writer/director Jim Towns (House of Bad, Prometheus Triumphant) with celebrated horror star Jamie Bernadette (Reel Evil, Bunnyman Massacre, Axeman) and veteran thespian Craig Stark (Django Unchained). The film also stars Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Dominique Swain (Face/Off), Maria Olsen (Starry Eyes), Victoria De Mare (Killjoy), and Dan Buran (“True Blood”).

When a viral outbreak turns into a full-scale zombie pandemic, two mismatched survivors — a war-weary retired Special Forces operative and a young privileged suburbanite — begin a long trek to reach the perimeter of the hundred mile Quarantine Zone that used to be Los Angeles. Along the way the two very different people form a powerful bond, which will be put to the test as they try to survive marauding cannibals, doomsday cults, and hordes of the undead.

state of desolation - AFM 2014: New State of Desolation Sales Art and Info


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