Event Report – Delusion: Lies Within

For four years Hollywood stuntman-turned-writer/director Jon Braver and an amazing crew of actors, designers, and stunt players have offered the people of Southern California the chance to live out a horror film. “Delusion” started out as a unique alternative to the average Halloween maze – combining live interactive theater with a haunted attraction – and has quickly grown into the single best horror experience on the West Coast.

This year Braver and his crew are back with “Delusion: Lies Within” and have taken up shop in a dilapidated mansion in a residential area of downtown Los Angeles – located appropriately next door to the “Fisher & Sons” mortuary house from “Six Feet Under.”

Arriving on location at sundown, I grab a pre-show cocktail from the 1940’s themed bar and join my group (among them Lloyd from “Entourage”). A mysterious woman leads us through a crawlspace in the house and gives us a set-up: We’ve snuck into the house of renowned horror author Elena Fitzgerald, who has had an unusual widespread Sutter Kane-like influence on her readers with her book series. Years ago she vanished, and no more books have been published – so we’re among the obsessed who have broken in on a quest for answers. Unfortunately, the house is crawling with other psychotic fans and living creations from her book, and we must traverse into dangerous territory on our journey.

delusion - Event Report - Delusion: Lies Within
What separates “Delusion” from the pack is its commitment to making you a participating player in the story, which provides the most immersive experience possible. In previous years this writer has had to go grave robbing, been forced into a Texas Chain Saw-style dinner table scene, and played dead on a gurney for a mad mortician. This time I found myself locked in a room surrounded by cages of live scorpions while a madman pumped in “toxic gas” as members of my group hatched an elaborate plan to save me. If you’ve come here for a passive maze walkthrough with guys in rubber masks jumping out, you’re in the wrong place. You’re not just a bystander; you have to solve clues, interact with actors and objects, and are often whisked away from your group to other areas of the house. As a result, one could go to “Delusion” multiple times and not have the same experience twice.

To say anything more would be criminal because of the production’s labyrinthine series of set-pieces, twists, and gags. But with an amazing cast of actors and Hollywood-quality production design and costumes, every expense has been made to make this the most authentic horror experience you’ll ever have. With “Delusion: Lies Within” Braver & Co. have become the undisputed kings of the haunted attraction, and if you do you a single event for Halloween, make sure it’s this one.

For more info on this amazing show, check out the official “Delusion: Lies Within” website.

delusion1 - Event Report - Delusion: Lies Within

Written by Andrew Kasch

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