Roebuck Getting Dark & Stormy


Daniel Roebuck gets Dark & StormyWhile we patiently await the release of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, the sequel to Larry Blamire’s The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Fangoria learned that long-time friend of the genre Daniel Roebuck will be starring in another Blamire-helmed homage to horror films of olden times.

“It’s an Old Dark House parody called A Dark and Stormy Night,” he told the mag. “Everything takes place in a haunted house; there are secret passages, a crazy butler, a handsome reporter played by me trying to figure everything out, and a beautiful reporter played by [Lost Skeleton’s] Jennifer Blaire, so there’s sexual tension. That’s probably going to start in June, and hopefully it’ll be out next summer.”

Though originally they were going to shoot it on location at an actual house, it was suggested early on that they stick to soundstages to keep the feel of those old-time haunted house movies intact. ”If you go back to The Old Dark House, it’s all matte paintings and things like that,” Roebuck continued, ”with not one exterior in the whole movie. It’s all on stage.”

Roebuck also has a role in the Lost Skeleton sequel, though he admits it’s pretty small and he dies early on. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about both projects soon!

Johnny Butane

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