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Creature From the Black Lagoon Update!



creature - Creature From the Black Lagoon Update!Though I guess it’s good to know things are moving along for the Creature From the Black Lagoon remake, which has been in various stages of pre-production for three years now, I can’t help but keep thinking about the “>Creature script I reviewed a while back and doing nothing but dreading it.

STYD got to chatting with Creature remake helmer Breck Eisner (Thoughtcrimes, Sahara), who confirmed that locations have been scouted and the film was almost ready to go when the writers’ strike hit. He also verified that a new Creature has been created, thanks to Mark “Crash” McCreery and the guys at Spectral Motion, and that they ””went top shelf on it. It’s very faithful to the original, but updated.”

So what’s the delay? Eisner wants to shoot and get his remake of The Crazies in the can; then he’ll be going gung-ho on the new Creature From the Black Lagoon, which he promised the site would be very faithful to the original in terms of tone, ”That’s my number one thing about the movie. We’re not going to turn him into a monster. He’s still going to be empathetic, he’s still going to be deadly, he’s still going to have a misguided means of expressing his interests in a woman, but it’s uniquely the Creature. It’s empathy for a deadly creature, and tone plays a big part of that.”

Yeah, still not feeling it. Hit the link above to read all of Eisner’s comments about the movie, but be sure you read my script review, too. Unless they’ve changed it dramatically, there’s not a lot to look forward to in this update.

Johnny Butane

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