Godzilla Sequel Finds a Writer

The sequel to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla (review) has found itself a scribe who will hopefully remember to write Godzilla into the movie this time. Read on for details.

Deadline is reporting that Legendary has closed a deal for Max Borenstein to write the screenplay for the sequel which Gareth Edwards will direct. Borenstein wrote the first installment that relaunched the reptile and also penned Skull Island.

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Legendary and Warner Bros. have dated the sequel for June 8, 2018. Legendary is producing with Mary Parent, and Alex Garcia will oversee the project for Legendary.

godzilla blu ray - Godzilla Sequel Finds a Writer

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    • They’re walking on thin ice for sure with Mothra. That’s a ballsy choice and I love it, but picking a direction and a design will no doubt be difficult. Rodan wouldn’t be my first choice given then everyone’s gonna be flying around except Big G. If they remake Three Headed Monster that could be so cool. I just hope it’s not all shot at goddamn night and not darkened for the home release.

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