Make a Date With Fido

fidopic1 - Make a Date With FidoGood news for those of us who are dying (pun intended) to finally get our eyeballs on the Carrie Anne Moss/Billy Connolly zombie film, Fido, which Lionsgate has been in possession of for a while now.

Today they have set an official release date for the film, specifically March 9th, 2007. I just thank God it’s not set for a summer date, as that’s always the kiss of death to LG horror films for whatever reason.

Fido takes place in an alternate-reality version of the 1950’s in which the Earth has passed through a cloud of space dust that causes the dead to come back to life. Rather than being a menace, we resourceful humans find a way to employ them as servants, but when one young boy’s new zombie, the titular Fido, bites a neighbor, the question of whether or not zombies are safe to keep as pets becomes a driving issue.

With the release date quickly approaching expect to see more from Fido very soon!

Johnny Butane

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