The Gasp Menagerie: Ongoing Werewolf Attacks Reported in the Philippines


The Gasp Menagerie: Ongoing Werewolf Attacks Reported in the PhilippinesThe Philippines can be a wild place. Separatist attacks. Islamic radicals kidnapping and killing tourists. Typhoons and volcanoes. Werewolf attacks… Wait, what?

According to the Manila Standard Today, farmers on Sibale Island (the western-most island in the country) are reporting hundreds of slaughtered goats across their lands. Witness reports state that a “dog, or creatures pretending to be dogs,” is the culprit.

Sibale (more commonly known as Maestro de Campo Island outside of the Philippines) is a picturesque, rocky place full of stunning views, jungles, and white sand beaches. The island is remote and sparsely populated so farmers let their goats roam free. Those days are coming to an end, however, as something has been slaughtering goats in a very specific way. Reports say that the goats are drained of blood with their hearts and livers removed. Nothing else, just the hearts and livers.

Adding to the mystery is that these attacks are only happening right before the full moon with the last occurring on July 9th. This fact is coupled with reports that the attacks are being performed by some “mysterious animal that looked like dogs, but bigger, and they move differently.”

Over 200 goats have been lost by over 50 farmers in the last two years, and villagers are getting ready to fight back. Farmers are taking up knives and bamboo spears to patrol the island along with policemen. Meanwhile, farmers are advised to pen up their goats someplace safe, such as under a home, as roaming goats make better targets. Authorities urge them “not to confront the animal on their own but to call for help.”

What’s gutting the goats of Maestro de Campo? Is lycanthropy to blame? Is a human being transformed by the full moon to roam the island, seeking the blood and flesh of the living? If it’s not a werewolf, what beast has such an avid appetite for specific organs and blood while leaving meat behind? Could this be related to similar chupacabra reports in North America?

The Gasp Menagerie: Ongoing Werewolf Attacks Reported in the Philippines

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