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Carpenter Casting L.A. Gothic



Carpenter returns to the big screen!The writers may still be on strike, but other projects that were put into motion before the movement can still be made. That’s good news for us John Carpenter fans since we’ve been waiting several months to hear more about his horror flick L.A. Gothic (“Carpenter Goes Gothic?” – July 2007).

It’s hard to believe seven years have passed since his last theatrical film. Sure, he’s released other horror related things between then and now … but we want something big! It looks like STYD is going to deliver that good news with an exclusive article that claims John Carpenter has started casting for L.A. Gothic! While not much more is known, at least it is true the picture is indeed still alive.

To refresh your memories, L.A. Gothic is “five interwoven stories of high-octane horror centering on a vengeful ex-priest’s efforts to protect his teenage daughter from the supernatural evils of L.A.’s dark side.


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