Indie Filmmaker James Balsamo Talks Mutants, B-Movies and More for Catch of the Day

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james balsamo - Indie Filmmaker James Balsamo Talks Mutants, B-Movies and More for Catch of the DayJames Balsamo carries a torch for indie filmmakers. He is truly devoted to his craft, and his newest release, Catch of the Day, is a great example of his work. Balsamo recently sat down with Dread Central to talk about his project.

Catch of the Day is far from your traditional horror film. It’s truly a genre-bender with lots of comedy mixed with plenty of gore. Balsamo talked about this blending of styles. “Catch of the Day is a buddy cop comedy meets mutant fish people,” Balsamo said.

“This is my strangest film to date; it features real car explosions, aquatic mutants, a mad scientist, and beautiful big-breasted bikini babes. This was an awesome project to film. I did all my own stunts in the film and drove a car through a wall. I don’t want to give away all the action. You’ll have to get your copy at AcidBathProductions.com and see for yourself.”

Ever the salesman, Balsamo had us sold at big-breasted bikini babes.

Those familiar with Balsamo’s work know that the madness you find in Catch of the Day is status quo for Acid Bath films. But one has to wonder just where Balsamo gets the inspiration for his work. “Anyone that has seen any of my films knows I like to pay homage to the B-movies that paved the way for my career,” Balsamo said.

“I’m a gorehound and all around movie geek. I always have been and always will be. Take that and mix in some explicit drug use and gratuitous nudity, and you have yourself a James Balsamo masterpiece. A piece of what is up to the viewer. Hopefully not excrement, but shit is what makes the grass grow and inspires the B-movie makers of the future. That’s how it happened to me!”

One of the first things viewers of Catch of the Day will notice is the tremendous number of cameo appearances. We urged Balsamo to let us in on the secret of how an indie filmmaker like himself was able to score so many celebs in his movie. “Acid Bath Productions is an independent film company that makes films for fans of horror movies,” he explained. “The collection of cameos I have featured throughout my filmography are done by actors who are fans of the genre. They want to do everything they can to help perpetuate awesome horror movies. Besides, who doesn’t love being in a movie? Getting celebrities to be in movies is like shooting fish in a barrel. When asking doesn’t work, I kidnap a loved one and hold them hostage until they do a cameo for my new film. I might return them with a missing appendage or two, but the key is never to kill them just in case you need to kidnap them again when you want their famous loved one to be in the sequel.”

Fans of professional wrestling will certainly recognize Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who appears in Catch of the Day. Balsamo spoke on working with the legendary wrestler. “I’m a huge wrestling fan. I try to put at least one or two professional wrestlers in all of my films,” Balsamo said. “Working with Jake was a huge personal accomplishment. I grew up watching Jake and even had that action figure of him with the spring-loaded punching arm. Jake has such a great sense of humor and is really fun to work with. I don’t judge people on their past. Jake is an amazing person, and I hope to work with him again someday.”

In addition to the cameos, Balsamo’s work has always featured top-notch music by very impressive bands. Again we asked him, how do you land the talent? “I’ve worked with the music industry’s top musicians, and now a ton of bands ask us to be part of our films,” Balsamo said. “It’s funny how things work out. One day you’re making films in your basement and going to shows, asking bands to be in your films. The next thing you know, you’re still making films in your basement but famous bands ask to work with you. Life sure is funny sometimes.”

We closed the interview with a couple of questions about Balsamo’s craft. First, whether he prefers acting or directing. “I really prefer acting,” he confessed. “I started out acting at the age of eight and stuck with it until college. I only started directing so that I could star in my own movies. Somehow, I got three movies out with worldwide distribution and a film currently on cable TV all over the US and Canada. Now, I’m kinda stuck doing both, but I love to act. I hope to do some more roles outside of my own films soon, if anyone is casting for an Italian ham (wink, wink).”

And finally, what makes a better scene: big boobs or buckets of blood? Balsamo answered as if he’d pondered the question for years. “I don’t think you can make a great scene without both. You need equal amounts of big boobs and blood. My next film, Bite School, will be my bloodiest film to date and features all the sweet, gratuitous nudity that my films have become known for.”

You can keep up-to-date with all the news about Catch of the Day and Bite School by following Acid Bath Productions on Twitter (@Acidbathproduct) or by checking in on the official Acid Bath Productions website or like Catch of the Day and Bite School on Facebook.

Catch of the Day Synopsis
Officer Rod Davis is on a mission to take out an army of aquatic mutants, a mad scientist, and a drug cartel – and it’s all to save his sister, Roxanne. The boneheaded, donut-loving cop is left with no choice but to team up with his no-nonsense old partner, Harry Chu, but the duo find themselves crashing through walls, fending off explosions, and struggling for air amongst big-breasted bikini babes as they try to crack the case of a lifetime.

Rod and Harry are going in half-cocked and head-to-head against a drug cartel when they find themselves fending off a crazed scientist’s bloodthirsty mutant monstrosities. Are Rod and Harry fighting giant fish monsters just for the halibut? It’s an action-packed horror-comedy you won’t want to throw back because it’s the Catch of the Day.

balsamobite - Indie Filmmaker James Balsamo Talks Mutants, B-Movies and More for Catch of the Day

balsamocatch - Indie Filmmaker James Balsamo Talks Mutants, B-Movies and More for Catch of the Day

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