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Take Your Shirt Off and Watch this Trailer for David DeCoteau’s Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper



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Take Your Shirt Off and Watch this Trailer for David DeCoteau's Bigfoot vs. D.B. CooperIn the annals of oddball “versus” cinema, I’m fairly certain nobody ever thought a Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper film would ever become a reality.

I’m fairly certain nobody besides writer-director David DeCoteau ever even conceived of such a strange pairing.

We all know who Bigfoot is, but D.B. Cooper might be a mystery to some of you. An enduring mystery is exactly what the story of D.B. Cooper continues to be today.

A man using the alias “D.B. Cooper” skyjacked a 727 passenger plane over the Pacific Northwest with a suitcase bomb, demanding a ransom of $200,000. Once back in the air with his money, Cooper escaped by performing the nearly impossible feat of skydiving out of jumbo jet. That he was never seen nor heard from ever again and virtually no evidence has ever been found as to his whereabouts is what has made the story of D.B. Cooper a piece of modern folklore in addition to being one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern time.

On June 10th, David DeCoteau’s Rapid Heart Productions presents a crazy theory as to what truly happened to D.B. Cooper. The answer involves the Pacific Northwest’s other great enduring legend: Bigfoot.

The trailer for Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper is a dizzying array of random shots of shirtless dudes with very modern beach bods, blurry Bigfoot action, and stock footage of planes. Not seen in the trailer are top-billed stars Eric Roberts and Linnea Quigley, or anything that looks accurate to 1971 for that matter. Well, maybe the Bigfoot suit. Yeah, the Bigfoot costume would fit in well in a 1971 production.

Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper

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