Albert Pyun Conducting The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper in One Take

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interrogation of cheryl cooper ss - Albert Pyun Conducting The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper in One TakeAlbert Pyun’s one take horror film Invasion was actually pretty bitchin’, and now the filmmaker’s getting set to do it again on his latest flick, The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper.

Shooting at 4k and 3D with 7.1 soundtrack, the flick will star Tommie Vegas, Shane Ryan, and Brittany Bochart. Filming starts this Friday (March 21) at the Indie Film Factory Stage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Want to help out in the process? The first 100 people who send an email to will be placed on a guest list see the first version of the film in an “interactive test screening” the day after shooting. Pyun will stream it online, and viewers will be able to post comments that will help shape the final version.

The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper is about a young woman name Cheryl Cooper (Tommie Vegas) waking up in what she believes is a interrogation room in a police station. She is interrogated by Detective Ben (Shane Ryan) about being found at an unfinished Las Vegas hotel where there was a mass killing. The Detective is assisted by a young female rookie police officer named Officer Bardo (Brittany Bochart). Both try to get the details from Cheryl, and as they do, Cheryl begins to remember horrifying details that lead to the reveal of a terrifying fact.

Pyun told us, “Cynthia Curnan wrote it, Michael Su shoots it, it’s produced by Su and Cynthia, and music and sound design is by Tony Riparetti.

The below teaser one-sheet is by Glenn Cochrane of Melbourne, Australia. The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper will have its world premiere on May 2 in Los Angeles and also has an invite to screen in Las Vegas’ Pollygrind Film Festival in October.

interrogation of cheryl cooper - Albert Pyun Conducting The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper in One Take

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