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Casper Van Dien Is on a Higher Mission to Save Us from Russian Rat People – in 3D!



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A 3D movie entitled Higher Mission starring Casper Van Dien as a US Senator trying to prevent corrupt Russian politicians from being transformed by God into giant rats, from the producer of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now? What an age we live in.

Oscar-winning producer Gray Frederickson also executive produced UHF so, after reading the rather lengthy synopsis below, you might find yourself surprised that Higher Mission wasn’t one of the parody programs “Weird” Al Yankovic aired on that network.

From Academy Award-winning producer Gray Frederickson comes a stereoscopic 3D movie that revolves around a highly respected United States senator, John Perryman, who gets a higher calling from superior forces above. Through his dreams he is given an important mission: to expose and to warn the corrupted government officials of Russia to stop taking bribes or else the superior forces will literally turn them into rats.

The Russian politicians laugh at Perryman and suggest psychiatric treatment until the city of Moscow witnesses an unexplained phenomenon. Russian high government officials mutate into giant human-rats in the matter of days. Enraged by fear and chaos, the Russian President’s Cabinet orders Perryman’s capture dead or alive with a $20 million reward.

With the help of his new Russian friends Anna and Polina, Perryman manages to evade capture and stay alive long enough to convert more people. But, just like other saints and messengers of God, Perryman’s fate meets the brutality and cruelty of heartless human nature. Naïve and corrupted Russians hope to destroy Perryman in order to reverse the rat mutation process. Eventually, cornered by angry mobs of human-rats and their relatives, Perryman is killed in front of his new love, Polina, but his death doesn’t provide the cure for the rat disease. The world’s corrupted society now faces the greatest punishment in history… being turned into RATS!

So it’s like the Rapture minus the “P”? You know, the Rature!

In addition to the Starship Troopers hero, Higher Mission also stars Casper Van Dien’s actress wife Catherine Oxenberg, Victoria Summer (Zombie Diaries, Dracula: Reborn), and a whole bunch of Russians.

And the best part? This US-Russian co-production from Russian architect and businessman turned first-time writer/director Vladimir Uglichin was filmed in Oklahoma!

One look at Fantastic Films International’s ridiculous artwork below has me hankering to see a trailer for Higher Mission like a rat lusting for a piece of cheese. Oh, I definitely smell cheese.

Higher Mission

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