Exclusive: Zak Bagans Makes a Grave Investment in Latoya Ammons’ Haunted Home

zak bagans - Exclusive: Zak Bagans Makes a Grave Investment in Latoya Ammons' Haunted HomeOn his show “Ghost Adventures” for Travel Channel, Zak Bagans and his cohorts Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin visit, literally, some of the scariest places on Earth. Now Bagans actually owns one of them. Read on for details.

Before we get into all that, a little back story. Recently Gary, Indiana, resident Latoya Ammons reported that both she and her three children had been possessed by demons. Immediately the Department of Child Services stepped in to investigate.

As per Huffington Post:

Over the course of investigations that included police questioning, hospital visits and psychiatric evaluations, several authorities confirmed there was something unusual about the Ammons’ case.

Twenty years, and I’ve never heard anything like that in my life. I was scared myself when I walked into the room,” said Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu, the family physician who evaluated Ammons and her three children. He spoke with the Indianapolis Star about his “bizarre” encounters with the Ammons [family]. The family came in complaining of ‘demon possession,‘ which they said involved hearing voices, seeing wet footprints in their house where no one had walked and even levitation at one point. Ammons consulted with local churches and clairvoyants, saying she had poured olive oil on her children’s hands and feet at the recommendation of one church.

In most cases, a doctor would likely diagnose this as “hallucinations” and “delusions,” and that’s exactly what Onyeukwu did… at first. According to a Department of Child Services report, however, medical staff at the physician’s office said they witnessed one of the children being lifted and thrown against the wall without anyone touching him. The report also includes many accounts from both mother and children stating they had been attacked by ghosts and visited by spirits in the night. Ammons’ two sons exhibited violent behavior as well that involved “growling,” choking one another and head-butting their grandmother. The report noted that the boys had acted out violently in public, “but especially with the mother present.

Nonetheless, the case reached its tipping point when, according to hospital personnel that apparently witnessed the act, one of the sons “walked up the wall backwards” and “flipped over and landed on his feet.” The children were thereafter removed from their mother’s care. The family eventually moved (and the children were returned to their mother), and the owner of the supposedly “possessed” house reported no other tenants had complained. But police captain Charles Austin, who visited the family during investigations, told the Indianapolis Star the experience had converted him into “a believer” in ghosts and demons.

Despite debate over the validity of the claims, Father Mike Maginot — the priest who performed numerous exorcisms on Ammons — stuck by his story in an interview with Bill O’Reilly this week, noting that what he saw was “something unworldly.

Me and my mother and my children, we almost lost our lives,” Ammons told Inside Edition, calling the experience “horrible.

“I know it was infested with demons. I know that for a fact,” she said. “I spoke to a good friend of mine, he was clairvoyant. He’s in New York. He explained to me what was going on in the house. And if I knew what I was up against, I would run and drop everything.”

And drop everything she did. She fled the home and hasn’t looked back. Check out the videos below from various sites detailing the events including the aforementioned O’Reilly interview.

“Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans caught wind of the horrifying tale and made an offer to purchase the home for $35,000… the owner was all too willing to sell. Zak tells TMZ that he’s going to live there and document his experience.

If it’s true this home is a portal to hell, then I want to go there and see what happens,” said Bagans to the site, who also managed to track down the official Child Protective Services report documenting the Ammons case (read it here).

Zak has been a longtime friend and supporter of Dread Central so we reached out to him to get an exclusive official statement.

“I heard about the case from the media, and at first I thought it was just another exorcism in the headline story until I started researching all about all of the different people who witnessed the exorcism,” Bagans tell us exclusively. “From there I started researching the files on the case and what all these different people witnessed. All the different testimonies really caught my eye. I’m a full-time paranormal investigator; it’s my job to pay attention to this. I dove deeper into the story and have come to the conclusion that whatever happened, it was a powerful moment. From there I got put into communication with Marissa Kwiatkowski of the Indianapolis Star, who reported the original story. After speaking with her, I was able to speak with Father Mike Maginot, who performed the exorcism, as well as Police Captain Charles Austin.”

Bagans continues, “From there I got in touch with the landlord, and being a die-hard, passionate investigator in this field, I had to see if I could get that house. The reason why I wanted the house is because Austin literally referred to it as a ‘portal to hell,’ and he gave me his reasons why he called it that. Frankly, he thought it was all a bunch of bullshit until he experienced what he did with his other officers. I made an offer to buy the house, and it was sold to me. It’s kind of weird… as if it were meant to happen. I want to go and spend some time there… do research… conduct my own investigations. I want to see for myself whether or not this stuff is valid. I need to look into the history of the home to see if there’s any residual activity or residual energy left over there from whatever events transpired on that property.

“Right now this is one of the biggest stories to hit the media regarding the paranormal, demons, and exorcisms,” Bagans says before hopping off the phone for some new adventure. “I knew that somehow I had to be involved. Now that I own the house, I’m gonna go there to document everything. To see if I can find some answers to all the questions that are now lingering. My goal in life is to get answers from the spiritual side of our existence. It’s fascinating that sometimes these fights between good and evil happen during exorcisms. Weird things have happened in that home… I want to see if they will replicate themselves once I am there. If crazy shit does start happening to me, then so be it… this is what I do.”

Below you’ll find a police photo of the home. It’s kind of hard to ignore what appears to be an apparition in one of the windows. Spooky stuff. Tell us what you think below.

ammons house - Exclusive: Zak Bagans Makes a Grave Investment in Latoya Ammons' Haunted Home
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