An Amber Alert Issued on DVD

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amber alert dvd s - An Amber Alert Issued on DVDThere’s nothing more horrifying than hearing about a child being kidnapped by a psychopath…. but what if you had a chance to make a difference? What if you could engage the murderous loony and fight for the kid. Would you do it? That’s the question posed in Amber Alert.

From the Press Release
In Amber Alert, arriving on DVD February 25 from Cinedigm and Random Media, a wanted criminal is in high pursuit.

Starring Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill, and Jasen Wade and directed by Kerry Bellessa, the pulse-pounding film follows two friends who realize that the freeway’s “Amber Alert” signs are pointing them to watch for a suspected kidnapper who is driving in the next lane. Still waiting on the police to arrive, the friends take matters into their own hands and decide to chase down the car – and its potentially dangerous driver – themselves.

In a found-footage style, AMBER ALERT documents an abducted child Amber Alert crisis caught on video. While filming their audition video for a popular reality television show, best friends Nate and Samantha notice several active Amber Alert signs. To their surprise, they recognize the car traveling in front of them as the vehicle described on the alert. With police slow to respond, their pursuit quickly turns into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with a murderous child rapist.

amber alert dvd - An Amber Alert Issued on DVD

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