Mia Goth Accusor Shares New Details of Alleged ‘MaXXXine’ Set Assault: “Nobody will believe you because you’re nothing” [Exclusive]

Mia Goth Maxxxine
Mia Goth at the Los Angeles premiere of 'MaXXXine'

In an exclusive conversation with Dread Central, Los Angeles-based background actor James Hunter shares new details of the alleged physical and verbal assaults he faced from MaXXXine star and executive producer Mia Goth during a night shoot for the film over a year ago.

“She said, ‘Nobody will believe you because you’re nothing. Get the f*** off my set, you big baby.'”

James Hunter

Hunter’s legal case against A24, Goth, and director Ti West came to light when TMZ reported on the lawsuit in January. While there was an initial flurry of fan response at the time, neither West, Goth, nor A24 gave detailed comments on the serious accusations.

When Dread Central contacted Hunter for comment, the plaintiff provided us with his in-depth account of the alleged incident, which we share below.

In his account of the night shoot, Hunter said he was the only background actor present for the shift. He tells Dread Central that West instructed him to lie on the ground outdoors without padding, where ants and mosquitos subsequently bit him. 

Hunter then describes multiple takes shared solely between Goth and himself:

“On the fourth or fifth take, I’m laying on the left side of my ear. I hear her; she runs by me, and I hear her boot clamp down right next to my ear. And I thought, oh, well, it’s dark out. She’s not really getting a beat on exactly where I’m laying.” 

Hunter said he alerted the second-second assistant director of the close call, who reported Hunter’s concerns to the rest of the crew. He described a noticeable pause before shooting resumed, saying:

“In the very next take, it is the same thing, except I got kicked, and I felt it. I heard the dirt and the leaves or grass rustling next to me, so I knew that she knew where I was. She runs up to me, but instead of stopping … I feel and hear her shuffle right before she gets to me. I get kicked.”

He then says he was in tremendous pain from the kick, but he didn’t react dramatically or leave the set since the movie promised him multiple days of paid work. He says he told the crew of the kick, which, according to Hunter, put a brake on the shoot.

When Dread Central reached out to A24 for comment regarding Hunter’s claims, a representative replied with the following statement:

“The claims made in the complaint are simply not true. As this is in active litigation, we cannot say more at this time but continue to vigorously defend Mia and the entire filmmaking team against these extremely baseless allegations.” 

We also reached out to several members of the MaXXXine crew who were present the night of his described mistreatments. None of these individuals responded to our request for comment.

Hunter says it was only a short time after this when he used a portapotty at a secluded restroom area at the bottom of the hill from where they were shooting. He alleges thinking he was alone in the area, saying:

“And so I go down and I use the bathroom. I forgot to lock the door.”

He says Goth pushed open the unlocked portapotty stall door as he was using the toilet. He describes standing and turning his head over his shoulder to Goth, who was in the doorframe. Hunter says he began to apologize, assuming there had been a mistake or misunderstanding. He says he tried to explain to her that someone (himself) was using the stall and that he had made the mistake of not locking the door.

This is when he alleges Goth verbally assaulted him. He claims to have written down the exact words on a nearby call sheet so that he would remember them verbatim. He quotes Goth as saying:

“Nobody will believe you because you’re nothing. Get the f*** off my set, you big baby.'”

Hunter tells us he believes Goth was alluding that no one would believe him if he expressed that her kick was done purposefully and with malice.

While we do not have official word from Goth about Hunter’s accusations, she did share a rare and brief comment about the situation in a new interview with The New York Times, who writes:

“She said she could not address the lawsuit filed by an extra against her, West, and A24, alleging that she intentionally kicked him on the set of Maxxxine. She did say that she was ‘very grateful for A24’s support’.”  

Ti West (L) and Mia Goth at the Los Angeles Premiere of A24’s “MAXXXINE” After Party at Chateau Marmont on June 24, 2024 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Stewart Cook/Getty Images for A24)

Dread Central is paying close attention to Hunter’s suit against Goth, West, and A24 as it unfolds and possibly heads to trial. Keep an eye on our site and socials as we corroborate more details on this story.



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