NYC Man Arrested Following the Discovery of Arms and a Head in His Freezer [Horror IRL]

NYC Man arrested

A New York man who recently became a poster child for criminal justice reform is now under arrest in connection with a grisly murder.

USA Today reports that 48-year-old Sheldon Johnson has been jailed without bond and is facing charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon.

On March 5th, police identified the victim as 44-year-old Collin Small. Small’s arms and head were found inside a freezer in the suspect’s Harlem apartment. The victim’s torso was found in his own sixth-floor apartment after Orlando Medina, the superintendent of Small’s building, called police regarding reports of gunshots.

Medina has reviewed CCTV footage from the night in question and reports seeing Johnson coming and going from Small’s unit; additionally reporting that the suspect can be seen carrying different articles of clothing and even wearing a blond wig, in what may have been an attempt to disguise his identity.

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It is not currently known what the relationship was between Johnson and Small. But it appears that Johnson shot Small in the head before dismembering his remains.

This is a tragic story as it stands but it’s even more heartbreaking when considering Johnson recently came to prominence as a criminal justice reform advocate. The suspect had reportedly turned his life around following more than two decades behind bars. Prior to his arrest, Johnson worked with at-risk youth in participation with an organization called the Queens Defenders. Additionally, Johnson appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience in February of 2024 to discuss turning his life around post-incarceration.

Johnson could be heard shouting “I’m innocent,” as he was escorted from a police station. And while I hope that’s true, the evidence against him is certainly concerning.

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