Yes, A Man In “A Distinctive Bunny Suit” Allegedly Exposed Himself to a Stranger [Horror IRL]

Bunny - Noah Wyle & Drew Barrymore
Image - Noah Wyle & Drew Barrymore in 'Donnie Darko,' 2001

An Arizona man has been apprehended by law enforcement following allegations of lewd behavior. More specifically, the suspect is being accused of flashing a Phoenix woman while dressed in “a distinctive bunny suit.”

44-year-old Nolan Matthews stands accused of entering the backyard of a woman’s home near downtown Phoenix in the early morning hours of January 8th, exposing himself to the unsuspecting resident, and subsequently fleeing the scene. Portions of the ordeal were captured by a neighbor’s video doorbell.

A probable cause affidavit obtained by KTar News references the aforementioned doorbell camera footage and says the video depicts a man (who has since been positively identified as Matthews) wearing “a distinctive bunny suit.”

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Court documents reveal that the victim has confirmed Matthews is the man who exposed himself in her backyard. In addition to video footage and eyewitness testimony from the victim, the police have one more critical piece of evidence linking Matthews to the scene. A work ID badge was discovered in the victim’s yard following a search of the premises. When confronted with the ID badge, Matthews did admit to having previously been in the woman’s backyard. But the accused denied exposing his genitalia.

Matthews was later taken to jail and booked on charges of indecent exposure and second-degree burglary.

This development leaves me with several questions. The most pressing is why the perpetrator was wearing a bunny suit while allegedly exposing himself. Unfortunately, no further details are available at this juncture.

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