Principal Pleads Guilty to Using School Funds to Murder His Pregnant Lover [Horror IRL]

Courtesy of First Alert 4 St. Louis

Late last month, a former middle school principal entered a guilty plea in a tawdry murder-for-hire plot.

This case has been working through the legal system since 2016 but is finally winding down.

Court documents reveal that Cornelius Green of Saint Louis has pleaded guilty to murder for hire and conspiracy to murder for hire in conjunction with the death of Jocelyn Peters and her unborn child.

Green previously served as principal at the Carr Lane Visual Performing Arts School in Saint Louis. Peters was an instructor at Mann Elementary, which is nearby. Though Green was married, he and Peters were having an affair. Further complicating matters, Peters was pregnant with Green’s child.

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In February 2016, Green messaged Phillip Cutler, a childhood friend, asking him to come to Saint Louis. The following month, Green paid Cutler $2,500. According to court records, the funds were stolen from Carr Lane Visual Performing Arts School, where Green was employed.

Cutler went to Saint Loius on March 21, 2016, and stayed at Green’s home. That same day, Green took a train to Chicago but left behind the keys to Peters’ apartment for Cutler. Ms. Peters was shot on March 24, 2016. Both she and her unborn child were killed. Green returned home from Chicago later that day and subsequently phoned the police regarding the death of his girlfriend.

Cutler has also been indicted on charges of murder for hire and conspiracy to murder for hire. Cutler’s trial is expected to commence this month.

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