Male Escort Sentenced to Prison For Cutting Off UK Man’s Genitalia For Paying Webcam Crowd [Horror IRL]

Images courtesy of Met Police

Three UK men have been handed prison sentences in a case of extreme body modification. On separate occasions, the guilty parties performed different procedures on the same subject, including cutting off genitalia, freezing a limb to the point where amputation was required, and removing part of a nipple. The most shocking aspect of the ordeal is that the defendants were performing the procedures at the victim’s request.

BBC reports that the victim in the case, Marius Gustavson, requested the aforementioned procedures from the guilty parties. In February 2017, Gustavson paid Damien Byrnes, a sex worker, to remove his genitals with a kitchen knife. Byrnes has pled guilty to committing grievous bodily harm with intent. He has been sentenced to 5 years behind bars.

Jacob Crimi-Appleby also pled guilty to the charge of committing grievous bodily harm with intent. The charges stem from Crimi-Appleby agreeing to freeze Gustavson’s leg to the point where it had to be amputated in February 2019. He was handed down a sentence of three years and eight months.

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Nathaniel Arnold, who removed part of Gustavson’s nipple in the summer of 2017, also pled guilty to committing grievous bodily harm with intent. He was given a 2-year suspended sentence. Arnold additionally pleaded guilty to stealing anesthetic from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where he was employed as a nurse.

Perhaps not surprisingly, these weren’t Gustavson’s first experiences with body modification culture. In fact, he is the proprietor of a website that features clips of men undergoing surgery to remove their genitalia. The process is called genital nullification, and those who undergo the procedure refer to themselves as ‘nullos’. Gustavson is known as the ‘Eunuch Maker.’ He faces separate charges and is expected to be sentenced in March.

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