Unleash The ULTIMATE F-Bomb With Dexter’s Sister Deb

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deb fuck - Unleash The ULTIMATE F-Bomb With Dexter's Sister DebDebra Morgan. There’s no doubt this wondrous character was as lethal with her mouth as Dexter was with his knives. Now that Showtime’s much beloved show “Dexter” has come to a close, YouTube user Adam Eyster has created a compilation video that can easily get you fired from your day job.

That’s right, kids! Below you’ll find the official Debra Morgan Fuck Count. The 20-minute long video, which spans from the pilot all the way to the series finale, would even make a sailor blush. Says Eyster, “I’ve done my best to compress each FUCK down to only the word or simply the phrase surrounding it. I was shocked to see how much time actually passed over 8 seasons when compressing all of them together. I was also surprised just how many times she managed to spew it out of her mouth.

For those of you too lazy to sit through the video, Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) Fuck Count came in just shy of a grand at 996.

Check it out and remember the good times… before the era of lumberjack deadbeat dads.

brawny dexter - Unleash The ULTIMATE F-Bomb With Dexter's Sister Deb

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Written by Steve Barton

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