Chirality Polish Releasing Horror-Themed ‘Nails from the Crypt’ Line This Fall

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chirality - Chirality Polish Releasing Horror-Themed 'Nails from the Crypt' Line This FallWe always support the indie spirit here at Dread Central so when we heard about Amanda and Jason Duron’s Chirality Nail Polish, which boasts a two-part “Cereal Killers” line with plans for a fall/Halloween 2013 horror collection called “Nails from the Crypt,” we couldn’t resist passing it on.

Chirality came into being following Amanda’s cancer diagnosis in March 2012. As Jason explains it, “It was one of the toughest experiences for her – and me as well. While she was enduring her chemotherapy sessions, her interest in nail polish was renewed when she discovered this underground network of polish lovers in forums, not to mention the upstart of indie nail polish brands. Near the end of her sessions, she had begun to put together her own polishes that were becoming very popular amongst her newfound friends. I talked her into turning it into her own indie nail polish business, and then Chirality was started.

He continues, “[At first] no cohesive ‘lines’ or ‘collections’ were established; we were just trying to put out cool looking polish. What brought people in were my wife’s amazing first wave of holos [holographic nail polishes] and our collective creativity in marketing them. We pulled from pop cultural references like movies, especially horror (Just Before Dawn), music (Apollonia), and comic books (The Symbiote). We made even more horror-dedicated polishes after that, like Suspiria and Engineers (dedicated to Prometheus) and our Hologeddon line. Another thing that grabbed everyone’s attention were the unique stories that were written in the listings of each and every polish.

Now, what about those “Cereal Killers,” whose names were derived by combining infamous serial killers with popular breakfast cereals? Part 1 consists of Raisin Gein, Dahmer Crunch, Bundy Berries, and Special BTK, which have a white base with various sizes/shapes/colors of glitter. In Part 2, Apple Jack the Ripper, Starkweather Pops, and Gacy Charms also have a white base with various sizes/shapes/colors of glitter, while Frosted Speck has an off-white base with various sizes/shapes/colors of white glitter.

In an interview with The Crumpet Amanda explains, “I wanted to do something fun and humorous. When I made one of the first prototypes, I showed it to my husband, and he said it looked like cereal. I tried to put together some inventive wordplay. Those were my only intentions.” Well, we all know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions…

Jason filled us in on what happened next. “This line wound up changing the game for us. Within minutes of the release, we were attacked by legions of bored housewife trolls, many of which started petitioning for us to apologize for the insensitive nature of our line and to remove them immediately. My wife was so heartbroken over all of the hate it received, but it quickly changed when we got nearly a thousand fans overnight on our Facebook page after the release, not to mention hundreds of orders sold. Whether they loved us or hated us, people noticed Chirality and began paying even more attention to us.” Adds Amanda, “I’m bummed people got offended by [my] polish, but it was pretty exciting for others to start using words like ‘dangerous,’ ‘edgy,’ and ‘controversial’ to describe me. I felt like it gave me some street cred.

cerealkillers1 - Chirality Polish Releasing Horror-Themed 'Nails from the Crypt' Line This Fall

cerealkillers2 - Chirality Polish Releasing Horror-Themed 'Nails from the Crypt' Line This Fall

Their upcoming “Nails from the Crypt” will feature different types of polish (holo, matte, creme, etc.) in fall colors with genre concepts. They’ll reference The Burning, The Stuff, Charlie Brown’s Halloween TV special, and more. Jason enthuses, “We’re really, REALLY excited about this one and are hoping to get it out real soon to help celebrate Chirality’s one-year anniversary. Chirality, horror movies, and my wife are the biggest things in my life that I am passionate about. We’re thrilled to showcase our stuff on Dread Central to the same people we share beer and stories with at horror conventions or laugh beside during a bad horror movie marathon.

Last October Amanda was declared cancer-free, and her attitude is pretty inspirational. “Will it ever come back? Who knows. What is for certain is that Chirality Nail Polish is here to stay for good, and I owe it all to the cancer. I owe it for unlocking this hidden talent that I never knew was buried deep within me. My nail polish is not only for all of the beautiful women out there to use to enhance their sexiness and beauty but also to prove the will and determination I have to be a survivor.

For more details and ordering info, you can visit either Chirality’s Big Cartel storefront or Chirality on Etsy. Be sure to also “like” Chirality Nail Polish on Facebook.

chirality1 - Chirality Polish Releasing Horror-Themed 'Nails from the Crypt' Line This Fall

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