Destroy All Humans! Will Contain a Brand New Lost Level

If there’s one really cool thing about remakes and remasters, it’s a chance to bring up some old, forgotten, content and make it the start of the show. Today it was announced that the upcoming remake of Destroy All Humans! will have something of the sort. It seems like Black Forest Games has found some cut content that they’ve restored for the game.


The cut content takes the form of a new side quest called The Wrong Stuff. The sidequest will take you to Area 42, a pretty obvious parody of Area 51, and you’ll have to stop humanity from reverse engineering a UFO. You’ll do this in all the ways you’d expect, including probes, holograms, telekinetic, and all sorts of fun nonsense involving explosions. It should serve as a solid addition to the original game.

While The Wrong Stuff is technically an all new side quest, it’s not really that new. The Wrong Stuff was originally supposed to be part of the original 2005 game, however it was cut before the game released for reasons unknown. Thankfully, enough of the mission still existed that Black Forest Games was able to recreate it for the remake, letting us take a look at what could have possibly been.


If you’re excited for the new mission then Destroy All Humans! will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 28th. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.



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