Resident Evil Ambassador Program Hints At “Exciting” Reveal Coming Soon

There is some new news about news for the Resident Evil series. According to an email sent out to certain Resident Evil Ambassador subscribers, there is a reveal coming on June 10th. Twitter user @kula_9s85 made this post, saying “結果発表がドキドキだよ,” which roughly translates to “the announcement will be exciting.” What that announcement will be is unknown, but many have speculated that it will be a new game.

The Resident Evil Ambassador program is a free subscription-based news outlet for any and all news on the franchise. Its primary audience is “fans who enjoy sharing the latest Resident Evil information” on their various social media. Posting news and performing other certain activities (such as accepting suspicious viral injections from Umbrella Corp. employees, and answering surveys) allows users to generate “points.” The more points you gain, the higher your ambassador rank will become, and players will be given exclusive benefits, such as invitations to beta testing and exclusive news such as this. 

While there is no information other than this hint, fans are hoping for official news on either Resident Evil 8 or the Resident Evil 4 remake. The date of June 10th coincides with the Xbox Summer Game Fest, adding another layer of excitement to this reveal. Last year’s fest had the reveal of such titles as Metal Wolf Chaos XD and Blair Witch, and this year’s has already promised news on The Last of Us Part II and Outriders, as well as some PS5 games.
For more information about becoming a Resident Evil ambassador, you can follow this link and sign up for free. And to keep up with the Xbox Summer Game Fest, you can check out this website.



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