Stephen King Takes Note of His Epic Miniseries to Hit Streaming; Calls Director Mick Garris “A genius”

Stephen King
Stephen King, 1994, © ABC/Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Last week, we reported how fans were thrilled to rediscover Stephen King’s The Stand on Apple TV. Audiences highlighted how it was a “real treat” for anyone who would be spending their time with King’s mythic miniseries, and now, Stephen King himself has chimed in, sharing some choice insights and bits of trivia about Mick Garris’ 1994 miniseries.

Per Apple TV: King’s epic novel tells a story of a virus that escapes from a top-secret lab causing millions of deaths around the country.

The Stand was one of several Stephen King adaptations released in the 1990s. Alongside The Stand, the decade saw the premiere of televised adaptations including, but not limited to: It, The Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back, The Shining (also Mick Garris), and The Langoliers (a personal favorite; I called it the “scary meatball movie” as a kid). That’s… a lot of Stephen King. Widely, however, The Stand is ranked among the best, in no small part because of its sensational cast and commitment to the source material. Check out what scribe Stephen King had to say about it below:

Stephen King spotlighted the work of the cast, including Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, and Rob Lowe. Beyond the stellar casting in the leads, The Stand is abounding with cameos. Of course, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar makes an appearance, but so does King himself, Kathy Bates, directors John Landis & Tom Holland, and even Joe Bob Briggs as a small-town sheriff. The success of The Stand isn’t limited to just the cast. Director Mick Garris deserves a lot of the credit, and King had some kind words to share on that matter too. Check it out below:  

Mick is a genius. What do you think? Have you recently checked back in with The Stand? What other Stephen King adaptations are you looking to revisit? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins.



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