The 8 Most Upsetting Videos On YouTube, According to the Internet [Watch]

youtube 568x320 - The 8 Most Upsetting Videos On YouTube, According to the Internet [Watch]

We all lead busy lives with a lot of stuff going on. This means sometimes we want to be frightened in a hurry.  u/bass_heav knows that and took this problem to Reddit. They asked the community for unsettling and disturbing YouTube videos, and what a list they compiled! We pulled eight that left us shaken, and thought we should share these cursed images with all of you. 

Horror Short Film “Other Side of the Box” | ALTER

This was my introduction to Alter, and I agree with Reddit that it is still one of the creepiest videos on YouTube. This video makes its way through my friend circles at least twice a year.

The Chair

Horrific things begin to happen after a man brings home an antique chair. This award-winning short was uploaded this year and is already getting lumped in with the classics. 

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There Is Nothing

A gray-skinned woman speaks backward in a dining room. This short proves less is more and went viral before YouTube was invented. We love to see that it is still disturbing people today. 

The Man in the Lower-Left Hand Corner of the Photograph

A man looks at a photograph of himself and tries to capture the happiness he feels in the picture. Who can resist a creepy animation moment? If you want to dig deeper, this is only part one of a truly unique experience. 

Scary Japanese McDonald’s Commercials 

A compilation of supposed Japanese commercials that show a creepy Ronald McDonald doing unsettling things. I do not understand what I saw, but I see why Reddit added this to the list.

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No Through Road

This series follows the footage of teen boys found dead in a car. I somehow missed this British web series. However, I get why it would be seen as disturbing. I also highly suggest reading through the YouTube comments because some people thought the footage was real.

The Strange Thing About The Johnson’s

A psychological horror short that explores incest and elder abuse. This is still the most fucked up thing Ari Aster has ever made. I doubt anyone who watches it is ever the same again.

My house walk-through

This horror short claims it is not a scary movie but just someone filming inside their house. Sorry for all the people who believed that and hit play on this nightmare fuel. 

Let me know if you agree with the list of disturbing videos we pulled from Reddit at @misssharai.



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