‘Narco Shark’ Trailer: The Greatest Action Movie Ever Made

Narco Shark 568x320 - 'Narco Shark' Trailer: The Greatest Action Movie Ever Made

Ninjas! Guns! Drugs! Jazz! SHARKS!

There’s no way at least one of those words didn’t catch your attention. Hell, they all should have. What have they got in common? Gerardo Preciado’s upcoming flick, Narco Shark, features all these things — and more! Now, we have a NEW trailer showing off some of the action in store for us. Check it out!

The long-awaited feature film debut of Preciado—who’ve I’ve talked about before regarding his imaginary horror soundtracks, and included him in my Top Indie Creators of 2022Narco Shark promises to be the sort of low-budget schlock we all remember from the grungy, glorious worn-out VHS tapes of horror’s straight-to-rental past.

Of the film, Preciado says:

Narco Shark, aka ‘The Greatest Action Film NEVER Made’, is a feature length movie… inspired by low-budget 80’s action films like Miami Connection and Samurai Cop, with a heavy dose of David Lynch‘s surrealism and Lucio Fulci‘s dream logic. It is also heavily influenced by the Sharksploitation and Mexploitation genres and will feature a SOV (Shot on Video) aesthetic prevalent on low budget 80’s horror.”

Narco Shark currently has an Indiegogo campaign running, which you can support right here! As soon as I hear more news about this feature, you will, too, so keep those eyes peeled for action and those ears open for jazz.

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Narco Shark 2 960x1423 - 'Narco Shark' Trailer: The Greatest Action Movie Ever Made


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