‘You’re Killing Me’ Trailer: Dermot Mulroney and Anne Heche Star In New Cat-And-Mouse Horror

You're Killing Me

Even in high school, you can’t escape cutthroat competition. But instead of jobs, it’s all about getting into the best college or university. Directors Beth Hanna and Jerren Lauder (The Inhabitant) capture that competition to its bloody extreme in their new film You’re Killing Me.

Read the full synopsis:

A week ago, a student at Torrington Prep, Melissa Brown, went missing. While the police search for her, her classmates are more preoccupied with their own futures—none more than Eden Murphy. She may be the poorest student at Torrington Prep, but she’s got big ambitions. Ever since she was a kid she has dreamed of attending the elite Pennbrooke College. But after learning she’s been waitlisted at the school of her dreams, Eden decides to take drastic action. With the hope of receiving a letter of recommendation from the wealthy parents of resident alpha bro, and valedictorian, Barrett Schroder, Eden hatches a plan. She drags her best friend Zara along with her and sneaks into his annual legendary “Heaven and Hell” party. Betraying their better judgment, Eden and Zara don sexy wings and skirts and head to the notoriously debaucherous party to cozy up to Schroder.  

Unfortunately, Eden realizes that her friend Zara is sloppy drunk. When she brings Zara upstairs to sleep it off, Eden stumbles upon evidence on Schroder’s friend Gooch’s phone that links Schroder to Melissa Brown’s disappearance. Troubled by this discovery, Eden locks herself and Zara in the master bedroom with the phone/evidence. Schroder and his friends realize that she has it and come knocking. Eden demands answers while Schroder insists she’s being drunk and hysterical. Barricaded in the master bedroom with her unconscious friend, Eden searches for a way out. 

The night spirals out of control as Schroder and his friends resort to increasingly desperate measures. Soon the game of cat and mouse turns deadly as the teens do everything in their power to protect their bright futures. As the bodies start to pile up, Eden is still trapped and she realizes it’ll take every ounce of courage and wit if she is going to survive this hellish night.

Watch the official trailer below:

You’re Killing Me features an all-star cast that includes Dermot Mulroney (Scream VI), Anne Heche (I Know What You Did Last Summer), McKaley Miller (Ma), Wil Deusner (She-Hulk), Morgana Van Peebles (Power), and Brice Anthony Heller (Samaritan).

Hanna and Lauder directed the film with a script by Walker Hare (Thorp) and Brad Martocello (To Kill A Cat). 

Jerry Olson (Dumb & Dumber), Larry Greenberg (After Class), Kevin Greene (The Basement), Joshua Russell (OMG), and Seth Ingram (Holy Irresistible) produced the film.

You’re Killing Me comes to select theaters and digital on April 7, 2023.



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