Terrifying New ‘Malum’ Poster Asks You To Feed The Demon


Anthony DiBlasi‘s 2014 cult hit Last Shift got under our skin and never left. Now, DiBalsi is burying himself deeper into our subconscious with Malum, an expanded reimagining of Last Shift. His new film promises to take the original film’s premise and flip it on its head, thrusting viewers into an unrelenting, adrenaline-fueled, bloody cult nightmare.

Read the full synopsis below:

On a search to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father’s death, a newly appointed police officer, Jessica Loren (Jessica Sula) is assigned to the last shift in a decommissioned police station where a notoriously vicious cult saw their demise years prior. The lone officer at the station, she soon finds herself barraged by terrifying paranormal events, and in the process, is taken on a journey during which she learns the shocking truth behind her family’s entanglement with a demented cult leader. 

Check out the terrifying new poster below:

Malum poster

Jessica Sula, Candice Coke, Chaney Morrow, Clarke Wolfe, Morgan Lennon, Valerie Loo, Monroe ClineEric Olson, Sam BrooksKevin Wayne, Danielle Coyne, Natalie VictoriaChristopher Matthew Spencer, and Britt George star in the film.

Get ready to #FeedTheDemon. Keep your eyes peeled for the terrifying Malum trailer, coming on Friday at 12 AM PST…

Malum comes to theaters on March 31, 2023.



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