10 Black Cosplayers You Need To Follow Right Now [Watch]

Black cosplayers

We couldn’t let this Black History Month end without highlighting some of our favorite Black cosplayers. This is why we’ve assembled a pretty badass line-up of artists that understand the assignment. Check out our favorite looks and then run over to their pages to see what else they’re serving at a con near you.





Aaimz has a badass history of looks which makes choosing just one difficult. However, we had to go with The Grabber from The Black Phone. Whatever you think about the movie, the costume is a moment, and Aaimz’s take on it makes it even cooler.



We’re here for all of Avery’s looks, but the salute to Dead Space is the one we’re currently obsessed with. It makes us want to dust off our controllers and revisit this sci-fi survival horror game that still haunts us.




We’ve seen many people try to capture Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu. However, no one is getting into AllieCat’s league. If this installment of the franchise gets turned into a movie, casting needs to hit AllieCat up for the role. 


Instagram: dieharddivatv   

Die Hard Diva has so many looks we love! However, this Chucky moment sparks too much joy to not share. The wig, the knife, the scars. Chef’s kiss. No notes and we are welcome. I only wish there was a way to get her Chucky in the same frame as her Tiffany Doll



We lose our shit every time Kai.Esh_Black steps in front of a camera because the looks never miss. However, the one we need to talk about right now is this Blade interpretation. Why isn’t Marvel making this comic/movie/Disney+ show already?



realprinceofallsaiyans has a lot of looks that will stop you mid-scroll. However, this Freddy Krueger and Wolverine mash-up is the one we didn’t know we needed. Unleash the nightmare versions of all the X-Men, please. 



shivtheabstract’s Instagram bio uses the word shapeshifter and it’s the only word to describe what’s going on with these looks. Take this creepy Pennywise for example. Another thing to note about this creator is the makeup skills are out of this world.



Lasheen always goes all out when creating head-to-toe replicas of popular characters. However, this Spawn slaps. Not only is it a property that we all have fondly hellish nightmares of. It’s also an amazing look that even got John Leguizamo‘s (who played Violator in the film adaptation) attention. 



This Hellbat armor cosplay is sickening! We knew Trisrex was a creature and armor FX artist, but damn. We would watch this Hellbat clean up Gotham City and Chicago. It’s giving drama, menace, and that version of Batman your parents told you you weren’t old enough to read. 



Let’s talk about the fool’s errand of trying to pick just one Xero Gravity look. We went with the Underworld event because this Selene would have gotten the job done in just one movie. The vamps and werewolves aren’t ready for this baddie to hit the streets. However, it’s the reboot we all want. 

If you want to follow even more Black cosplayers then check out #28daysofblackcosplay and blackcosplayersofficial on Instagram. You can also check out last year’s Cosplaying While Black: A Discussion Hosted by Xero Gravity if you want to hear some of the creators on this list talk about their art and experiences. 

Are you living for this list of Black cosplayers? Then Blerd out with me at @misssharai.



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