Pre-Order ‘All Your Friends Are Dead’ Now [Giallo Julian’s Indie Spotlight]

AYFAD 3 568x320 - Pre-Order 'All Your Friends Are Dead' Now [Giallo Julian’s Indie Spotlight]

I have another announcement for you, Fright Fiends! This time, it’s about a film I featured in my Indie Shoutout last October. Turns out, All Your Friends Are Dead is getting a physical release, thanks to SRS Cinema!

“After making the drastic decision to end his life, Matt Wilbee writes an email alerting his estranged high school friends that he will be saying goodbye for good at the camping grounds where they’ve gathered in the past. Matt’s friends arrive just in time to save his life… but little do they know, a deranged masked killer is lurking in the woods, ready to pick them off one by one.”

The crew involved has worked on such films as Haunt, Candy Corn, Notzilla, Terror Trips, Mutilator 2, and Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy, as well as assisting with Northern Kentucky’s famed haunt, The USS Nightmare. Now, I have seen none of those films, so I can’t attest to their quality. But I HAVE seen All Your Friends Are Dead and can say that if you have a taste for low, LOW budget films, it’s a perfectly solid slasher. 

All Your Friends Are Dead pre-orders are up now on SRS Cinema’s official website. As always, I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything else about it!

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AYFAD 1 scaled - Pre-Order 'All Your Friends Are Dead' Now [Giallo Julian’s Indie Spotlight]


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